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Mattia Pompeo 


Mattia Pompeo hops on the Lost On You train with a kaleidoscopic journey through ear pops and acid drops, continuing thestory of the philanthropic house and techno label who are never afraid to do things differently, both in the club and in their ethos.Lost On You are the first and only imprint to donate 100% of its proceeds to sanitary, hunger and shelter charities operating inthe poorest parts of the world, meaning that every copy sold of Mattia Pompeo’s melodic house romp goes a way to making theworld a better place through the power of music.

Pompeo’s fiery, chugging house textures have already gained him a reputation in many parts of the world , and this latestrelease on Lost On You is set to be another party-starter for Pompeo’s formidable arsenal.

Picture a balmy Mediterranean night, where the valleys roll out under imperious peaks of grey and blue. Amidst these visionsappears a prismatic light show, drenching the valleys in blues, greens and oranges, and the battle cry of ‘Ueno’ emerges fromthe hills. Six minutes of grainy, rainbow-like synth leads undercut by ominous basslines, all wedged between massivebreakdowns that cascade into infinity. An acid machine that rocks and sways in the half-light of evening.

The second track, ‘Yondu’, appears more restrained, until metallic shimmers and undulating bass riffs devolve into an acidtechno work-out soaked in anticipation. Pompey is like a magician, weaving kaleidoscopic sounds and textures before your earsin a composition that blurs the line between melodic house and all-out techno. The warm-up to your peak time.

Pompeo follows up on the trend of innovation seen in previous Lost On You releases by taking up the mantle of mid-2000selectro house whilst calling on the cutting-edge techno sensibilities of ‘postmodern’ electronic producers. The result is two spruceproductions full of exhilaration and depth that act as the perfect next chapter to the Lost On You story. If you haven’t yet joinedthe party, now’s your chance to help change the world for the better.