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    Build Africa believe in the power of education to help end poverty.

    They work to give children in rural Kenya and Uganda the education they need and fight the inequalities that stand in their way.  Their unique approach helps parents and teachers to create sustainable, effective schools and nurture their children's learning.

    Across sub-Saharan Africa, children are not getting the quality of education they deserve, leaving them stuck in a cycle of poverty.

    Many of those lucky enough to go to school are met with unsafe classrooms and unqualified teachers. They often have make do without books or desks. And a lack of safe drinking water and proper toilets can put their health at risk.

    And the problems aren’t limited to school. Their families don’t have enough income to meet their basic needs, leaving children hungry and vulnerable. Parents don’t have the skills they need to support their children’s learning. And children can be forced to pull out of school to work.

    Every child deserves a good education. Build Africa won’t stop until every child is in school, and every child is learning.