Several Definitions - Sierra 88

Several Definitions - Omega 213

Several Definitions, steps in with his expertly produced EP for the label, Sierra. It’s heavily atmospheric and brilliantly produced, marrying analogue sensibilities with contemporary techno sounds to stunning effect.Sierra leaves you clinging onto the hope of a crescendo that always almost arrives. Smoke clouds the room. Kickdrums stomp along in the dust of moving machines, forging a trail into the darkness. This is very personal techno -minimal, spiritual, transcendental. Gorgeous analog bass rips fill the otherwise monochrome industrial atmospherewith flashes of vibrant dark. Hats shake against the obstinacy of the way of things: an atmosphere of darkness givesway to something more hopeful.This is where the ethos of Lost on You comes together- Several Definition’s production offers a glimpse of the light atthe end of the tunnel, and seems to speak for a world where things might get better.

Florian Kruse & Saccao - Paradox 

Florian Kruse & Saccao - Nightshift 

We are happy to announce Florian Kruse & Saccao's debut on Lost on You. Paradox EP is an incredible voyage into organic and progressive house that will have you glued to the dancefloor. The two breathtaking tracks crafted by these artists evoke the sordid smokescapes of Berlin basements and weekend-long bacchanals.

Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich Epic Jaw Drop

Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich Rickandros & Mortyvich 

Lost On You deliver two more very special cuts to fire up your dancefloor; The Epic Jaw Drop EP is the third release of the label, featuring Thessaloniki's premier party starters Alexandros Djkevingr and Greg Ignatovich bringing the heat from one of Europe's hottest nightlife destinations.

FreakMe - Moyo 

FreakMe - Karibu

We are very proud to present Karibu EP. This time round, FreakMe brings his flawless production skills to Lost On You's ever-expanding catalogue of house and techno heavyweights. 'Moyo' is one of those tracks that makes the ground shake, a true hands-in-the-air melodic explosion and an envied secret weapon of the most cunning of DJs. Synthy trills and crisp, highly modulated low-end textures run over a pounding rhythm section, spinning and swirling into scenes of dancefloor devastation. The other track, 'Karibu', is for the hardcore Ibiza sunrise gang, reeling you in with slight African percussion, cowbells and subdued piano before the big catch: a whopping, mind-whirling melodic house chugger from another galaxy. Be careful- you might not come out on the other side.

Animal & Me - The Dream 

Animal & Me - Beast 

Animal & Me - Ucronie

We are very proud to present Ucronie EP by Parisian producer Animal & Me. His productions emerge from the darkest of basements and the dustiest of corners, operating along the leser-travelled frequencies of the techno spectrum. Like lots of modern day techno, Animal & Me is steeped in industrial aesthetics, but, like soil on your finger or sand underfoot, the three tracks on display on 'Ucronie' bring with them a touch of the earthier side of things.

Mattia Pompeo - Ueno 

Mattia Pompeo - Yondu 

Mattia Pompeo follows up on the trend of innovation seen in previous Lost On You releases by taking up the mantle of mid-2000s electro house whilst calling on the cutting-edge techno sensibilities of 'postmodern' electronic producers. The result is two spruce productions full of exhilaration and depth that act as the perfect next chapter to the Lost On You story. If you haven't yet joined the party, now's your chance to help change the world for the better.

Fernando Lagreca - Try The Wheel 

Fernando Lagreca - RMNC2

Another euphoric outing from the charitable folks at Lost On You, the first and only record label to send 100%% of its proceeds to the less developed world. This latest release from Catalan man Fernando Lagreca is a red-hot electro bumper befitting of the headiest of nights under the Barcelona skies.

Camilo Sanjuan - Nifer

Camilo Sanjuan - Bujariego

Camilo Sanjuan - Avenguareme

Now a mainstay of the Beatport emerging charts, Lost On You are still the first and only record label completely devoted to charity. Every copy of Camilo Sanjuan's 'Nifer' EP sold goes towards farming aid, food relief, Vitamin A supplements and medical supplies in the poorest swathes of Africa. And if that wasn't enough, Spanish mastering engineer-cum-producer Sanjuan might also have whirled up the best electronica EP you hear this Summer. 

Rafael Cerato & Haze-M - Perihelion

Rafael Cerato & Haze-M - Vishnu

Still with us? Lost On You are back with two thumping melodic techno cuts. This time round, esteemed producer duo Rafael Cerato & Haze-M show their chops on a double EP that thrusts and bumps its way through fourteen minutes of cosmic ascension. "Perihelion EP" runs its course on multiple shots of technoid adrenaline, morphing and coalescing into late-night uproar with hints of 80s synth. Within this stomping backdrop, though, Cerato & Haze-M approach their art with a nuance that allows for headspace and a freedom to move, culminating in a melodic techno monster that gives DJs the tools to work the crowd in their grip.

Saiver & Kleiber - Naradir

Saiver & Kleiber - All Of Which Were Dreams

Jump on the primitive rollercoaster segueing through the rainforest at incredible speeds, passing ancient tribes making fires with glass and exotic birds known to only the most intrepid of explorers. As you reach the summit, a thud. Thunder begins to rain from the sky in immense crashes, accompanied by lightning that illuminates the entire teeming forest beneath you. A moment of silence where humidity lurks in the air, and the floodgates open. When the thunder clouds part they reveal the first composition on Saive & Kleiber’s stunning Lost on You debut, ‘Naradir’, and it becomes clear that Lost on You have done it again. This is one for the late-night chuggers, the hands-in-the-air revellers, the misfits and freaks and those who want to feel that inexplicable connection to the earth that top-quality electronic music can impart upon its beholders.

Franz Alice Stern - White

Franz Alice Stern - Black

Over the past year Lost On You has become somewhat like a secret weapon. DJs across the world have used our releases to make a change, both on the dancefloor and in towns and villages across poverty-stricken lands in Africa and beyond, where the label has already made substantial donations toward the global fight against Malaria. While lots have felt the power of Lost On You, not many folk know that LOY are the first - and to date, only - record label to donate 100% of the profits to charitable causes.

In this next release, Franz Alice Stern adds another two secret weapons to the arsenal, crafting a house of cards that could topple at any minute, breaking down the false dichotomy of black and white into a million kaleidoscopic flecks. This is the White & Black EP. Approach with caution.

Brigado Crew & Crisstiano Feat Haptic - Burning

Brigado Crew & Crisstiano - Rebellion

Brigado Crew & Crisstiano - Elephantz 

Brigado Crew & Crisstiano - Elephantz (Lunar Plane Remix)

Twelve releases and a hefty load of aid to families across the African continent later, Lost on You - the first and only record label to give 100% of its profits to charity - is still knocking out the bombs. It’s Brigado Crew & Crisstiano who bring the boom boom boom on Lost on You’s latest release, a high-fidelity offering of oscillator explorations designed for sunrise at the after party. Finishing off this incredibly adventurous EP is Lunar Plane’s remix of ‘Elephants’, bringing melody and, with it, narrative, to the tribal party in the plains.

The main feeling you take away from the Elephants EP is one of adventure not usually found in electronic music, of being guided somewhere - somewhere better - by invisible forces. And maybe there’s a parallel with the thousands of disadvantaged people who, because of this revolutionary record label, are now experiencing aid, however minor it may be. Remember, every download goes towards helping make the world that bit less miserable. And with four stompers like this on the menu, what are you really waiting for?

Sergio Mateo - Tension

Sergio Mateo - Ishana

Sergio Mateo & Jose Rodriguez - Wolf

Sergio Mateo stokes the latest batch of fire from the Lost On You camp, a three-track collection of cosmic, spinned-out deep house excursions in the form of the Ishana EP. This release is but the latest addition to the growing list of successes for Lost On You, the world's first and only label to donate everything it makes to charity. So grab your earphones, get stuck in and do your bit - besides gifting three certified bombs to your library, purchasing the Ishana EP will provide indispensable aid for children and families stricken with medicine shortages, droughts and a lack of basic sanitary equipment.

D-Formation & Betoko - Klimax

D-Formation & Betoko - Cirkuit

D-Formation and Betoko provide the latest offering to the growing Lost on You back catalogue with the Klimax EP, a powerful beginning to 2019 that sets the bar at the highest echelons of its sonic milieu. The essence of quality progressive house music in all of its driving, cosmic, blissed-out euphoria, and it hasn't ever felt more natural.

This is an offering to the sonic lovers, the all-night heads, and, most importantly, to those who live in a world far removed from our own hedonistic dreams. Lost on You are changing the way that music affects spaces far more serious than the dancefloor, and every download purchased gives you a chance to be part of that very special movement.