Lost on You is the first electronic music record label and benefit program to donate all money raised from album sales to the fight against malnutrition, poor health and sanitary problems in the most deprived parts of our world. We combine our philanthropic work with a devotion to discovering, promoting and mentoring talented underground artists who are struggling to find a platform to showcase their work.

Where top labels give less and less opportunities to unknown producers, Lost on You provide a platform that allows artists to be heard, all while helping the less fortunate to improve their quality of life. The label is a platform for talent, where talent becomes a way to help alleviate some of the toughest problems faced by tens of thousands of humans around the world. We regularly release cutting-edge techno music from up-and-coming producers, alongside organising underground events in Paris that raise funds for charity and the promotion of new artists.

Against Malaria and Build Africa are two organizations we currently donate to. Some of the programs provides long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) to populations at high risk of malaria, primarily in Africa.  Malaria is transmitted by certain mosquitoes when they bite. These mosquitoes bite people to get a blood meal. The malaria parasite then passes from the infected mosquito to the person being bitten. They typically bite between 10 o'clock at night and two in the morning - and that's one of the most important things we have on our side: if we can protect people in affected areas when they sleep at night we have a very good chance of preventing them contracting malaria. more Each net costs about $2.00, lasts for 3-4 years, and protects, on average, two people. The statistics are well known given the scale of the problem. Every 100-1,000 nets we put over heads and beds, one child doesn't die. Every single net matters.
Build Africa delivers an innovative and powerful programme of work to create lasting change for children and their families in rural Africa. Working in homes, communities and schools to ensure that everyone involved can be part of the solution. 

Since 2004, the Build a School Programme has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of children across rural Africa. Now, their powerful approach has evolved to help build entire groups of schools, giving more children the support and opportunities they deserve.

The Mums Read Kids Succeed project helps young mums learn basic literacy and numeracy skills in Western Uganda, where a low female literacy rate is having a devastating effect on child welfare and infant mortality. 

The Heshima Project Helps girls and female teachers to access safe water and sanitation, so they are no longer forced to stay at home during their period. Without safe water and clean sanitation, girls in rural areas can miss up to a week of lessons every month - causing many to fall behind and even drop out. By changing community attitudes towards girls and their period, discrimination and bullying can also be reduced.

The Farmers Network Project II provides farmers the skills to grow, sell and store more food and to support their children’s education. In vulnerable communities where agriculture is the main source of income, farmers must have the skills and resources to earn a sustainable and secure living - so they can look after their family and support their children through school.

These two strands of our mission thus work together in new and unexplored ways. The objectives of our project are manifold, but the guiding principle is in using music to do something great, and something that really matters: helping others to rise above, from the local to the international. 

Many of you may wonder where the images of the children we use in our covers come from. Meet Rod Waddington, Photographer the photographer behind our artworks. For the last 9 years Rod have been undertaking a personal and photographic journey in Ethiopia, more specifically the Omo Valley on the borders of South Sudan and Kenya. His work helped us define our project, Rod knows first hand the suffering of the most needy and knows what we should do to save or improve as many lives as possible! Rod is Lost on You.
You Can check is full work here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rod_waddington/