This year in Lost on you we have set ourselves a very high and special goal, to build a school in Sierra Leone by the year end.

We have decided that this year all our profits will be donated to the “Schools of Tomorrow” program.

For this reason we have begun to make a series of Beneficial events in Paris with the objective of using 100% of the proceeds to accelerate the construction of our first school in Sierra Leone.

Due to recent events of the coronavirus we have put our dreams at risk. ( on hold) For that reason we have created DEMO EXPRESS.

With Demo Express we offer all artists who want to be part of our family the direct possibility of collaborating with us and contributing to our cause.

For ONE EURO we at Lost on You commit to all who generously contribute to our project. As our way of saying thank you, we prioritise the processing of your demo. In less than 48 hours we will listen to the demos (3 TRACKS MAX) and send constructive feedback to the artists.

In addition all the money generated by Demo Express will be assigned for our project a “School of Tomorrow”.

Our demo email will continue to be open and our team will continue to listen to all the music that reaches us through that route, even if it takes a little longer, keep in mind that due to the large number of demos that we receive, we ask artists for a period of up to two months for us to listen to their music.

Demos Express is a totally optional new service for all those who want to step forward and contribute in a new way with Lost on You.




To offer your demo to Lost on You  please send a Soundcloud link
with download option , minimum 320kbps MP3s, to the following
e-mail address:
[email protected]

Before sending your demo, please make sure
you offer a full release including more than one track and that your contact details are included in the audio file.

Consider that we receive a lot of demos, therefore we apologize in advance if not always able to reply all of you.
We do listen to everything that gets in here and if we like your music we will definitely get in touch.

Thank you for considering Lost on You.